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Credit management


Successful credit management is first and foremost based on accurate administration.

DEWISPELAERE ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW would like to provide you with several tips:

  1. Make sure that as from the start of your commercial relationship with your clients, proper agreements are made. Ensure that these agreements are put in writing in a clear and univocal manner (quotations, agreements, etc.) to guarantee that in the event of any possible disputes at a later time, these agreements can be referred to. At the start of the commercial relationship, parties will not make an issue of putting their agreements in writing.
  1. Should you have any questions regarding the solvency of a new or existing client with whom you are on the verge of entering into an important contract, we strongly advise to check your client's solvency prior to entering into the contract. For this purpose, a variety of options are available.
  2. In the event of verbal agreements, it is advised to send a confirmation e-mail following the agreements, to ensure you have proof of the agreements made, should this be required at a later time.
  3. Keep proper record of the correspondence and always communicate with your client in writing in the event problems arise. Should legal procedures follow, the judge will not place any value in telephone conversations.
  4. Create a fixed procedure for situations in which your client does not settle the invoices on the day payment is due. React quickly if this applies. Those who call out loudest will be paid first. It is not useful to send 3 formal notices prior to outsourcing the dossier. DEWISPELAERE ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW will gladly assist you whilst formulating this procedure.
  5. Should a repayment plan be agreed upon, make sure this is followed to the letter. Unfortunately, a great many debtors continue to state renewed and hollow promises of payment. This could be the reason for valuable time lost and possibly other creditors of your client could have already taken further legal steps. This means you will miss out.
  6. At some point, you as a creditor should cast aside your commercial interests and take legal steps. It is of no use having clients who do not pay your invoices. It would not be the first time that a company faces financial difficulties due to default of their clients. Furthermore, a client who no longer settles invoices, will, in most cases, not seek any further contact with his creditor.

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